Groundwater Exploration

Experience of space technologies to discover deep underground water

An Integrated Solution

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WATEX™, Groundwater Exploration System, is the perfect tool to launch, and scale any water development and water management projects. It is designed to detect unknown and renewable groundwater and assist decision makers.

The system was praised in 2004 by the U.S. Congress, USGS and the U.S. State Department since the Darfur crisis in Sudan, where 3 million displaced persons were rescued by 1700 water wells drilled thanks to the a WATEX™ Survey funded by USAID.

This solution enables the discovery of shallow (0 to 100m) to deep (100 to 4000m) groundwater reservoirs. WATEX™ combines remote sensing with one of the most efficient moisture algorithms, coupled with geology and geophysics.

Based on more than 2000 wells, WATEX™ provides accurate drilling coordinates leading to a proven success rate from 85% to 98%, whatever the geological context.

Inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame® by the Space Foundation, WATEX™ is a technology recognized and honored for its efficiency servicing the world's industrial and humanitarian needs.

BAMEX final process WATEX initial process

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Groundwater Project Development Master Plans

WATEX for Industry


The exploitation of on-site groundwater is adequate to reduce industrial operating costs and ideal to mitigate long-term water rate increases within the Energy, Mining and Manufacturing sectors.

WATEX for Development


On-site groundwater resources reduce the impact of utility infrastructure failures on institutional operations, and offers security against drought, hunger and third-party contamination.


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